Moss Dish Gardens






Order your Moss Rocks!  online today.  Moss is grand.  Moss is green.  Moss is good. Make the most of it; order Moss Rocks! today.

By: Helen Yoest

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Unless otherwise noted, all photo are credited to Ken Gergle.

26 thoughts on “Moss Dish Gardens

    1. David Spain

      Thanks for the compliments Jea, we try to find things in scale with the mosses and plants we use.

  1. Kynda

    thanks so much for the blog–beautiful photography . . . love the zen-garden with the tea house! and yesterday’s post about terrariums was great info. You’re one of my daily stops on the blog tour :)

    1. David Spain

      Thanks Kynda, glad you keep up with us. The Japanese hut is definitely a favorite of ours too.

    1. David Spain

      Glad we are priming your creative ideas, there’s a lot of things you can do with mosses. Send us a picture if you do, we’d love to see it!

  2. Helen Yoest Post author

    Thank you Kynda! It’s always nice to hear. David Spain and Ken Gergle are on a mission to educate the masses on mosses. I’m just the lucky one to pen their passion.

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  8. Barbara J. Cole

    I saw these in a magazine and just had to find out what they were all about. They are beautiful and so natural. I love things that are natural and have lots of texture, they fit the bill. I’m hoping I get the three moss stones as a Christmas gift, it would be the best thing ever.

    Loved all you photos, your a natural , it is all serene.

    Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

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  10. Linda Bickford

    Wow, just came across your site…such beautiful pictures and ideas! As if i don’t have enough projects to do already, but I’d love to create some of these moss containers like the old apple box, small ones with little bits of fern, etc. The side of our house that we enter faces north. Maybe I can find a spot for some creative moss interest :)
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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