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Moss Rocks! are rockin’ the home decor and gardening worlds; from desk to deck, Moss Rocks!, well, ROCKS!

David Spain, LIVE on Martha Stewart TV, Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Simply put, P. Allen Smith says of MossRocks!,

I love them.

Moss Rocks! are living sculptures and zen moss gardens all rolled into one neat package to accent your home or office, from your deck to your desk. Bring serenity and unexpected beauty to your own surroundings or give a unique gift – even to the brown thumbs on your list. Enjoy the soothing benefits and glowing sheen of Dicranum mosses like never before in a beautiful pre-planted container

When your friends and neighbors see your moss rocks, they will be green with envy. SB  Steve Bender, a.k.a. Grumpy Gardener.
Press Release ....Designed by David Spain, co-owner of Moss and Stone Gardens — Where Moss Rocks!, Moss Rocks! are a container garden, zen garden, and moss garden all rolled into one neat package to accent your home or office, from your deck to your desk….read more.

MSRP ….Pebble, Cobble, Boulder in the colors of Bark, Lichen, Raindrop, Toadstool….read more.


 Look for Moss Rocks! featured in Better Homes and Gardens

MOSS ROCKS! Ordering Info


As seen in…

August, 2012 Southern Living Magazine

January, 2012 Country Gardens Magazine.

December, 2011 Christian Science Monitor

November, 2011 Better Homes and Garden

October, 2011 10 Regional State by State magazines, including Carolina Gardener.More information on Moss Rocks!

About David Spain and Ken Gergle

How Moss Rocks! were unearthed.

Moss FAQ, plus knowing your acrocarp from your pleurocarp.

Moss Trends report.

Notes to Editors, Reporters, Garden Writers, and Other Members of the Media:
Please credit all publications of photos to, Ken Gergle,

We are pleased to provide high resolutions of Moss Rocks! photos for your publication.  Contact our photographer, Ken Gergle at, so he may assist you.

Moss Rocks! are available through the following outlets:
Moss and Stone Garden – Where Moss Rocks on line retail shop
Independent Garden Centers

Moss Rocks! Testimonials

Here’s some of the buzz we heard at IGC…

Here’s what William Moss has to says, I met David Spain this week at IGC (gardening and landscaping trade show.) Check out the cool photos. He grows bryophytes and knows what I’ve known for years: MOSS ROCKS!


Shirley Bovshow with Garden Center  TV  Garden media enthusiast Shirley Bovshow says, Chia Pets has nothing on this easy to care for and most importantly, stylish moss container. It’s more than that. Moss Rocks! is an elegant cradle for one of the plant world’s most alluring plants.

Gardenwise with Arlena TV  Sweet Arlena Schott filmed Moss Rocks! with this to say about Moss Rocks!, MOSS ROCKS!!!  When I first saw the New Moss Rocks all I could do is feel Happy…they are  the Newest Cool thing!…Colorful, Calming and Modern all in one…You need 3 or 5 and they are the perfect gift for all  my gardening friends!!!


Mike Nowak Show Yes, even Mike liked Moss Rocks!  And why not?  Organic is what Mike is all about and moss is the original organic.

Bren Haas, Helen Yoest, David Spain, Mike Nowak. Photo Credit: Christopher Tidrick


Here’s more of what other’s are saying…

 There’s a reason why everyone is talking about Moss Rocks. The combination of the serenity of moss and the smooth simplicity of the porcelain “rock” makes them perfect for almost any space. They can be put in the garden for an unexpected surprise, displayed on a patio table or used indoors to decorate any room in the house. I predict that Moss Rocks are going to show up everywhere, from your neighbor’s garden to the hottest shelter magazine.  

Erin Schanen, author of the The Impatient Gardener.

 Bren Haas, author of BG Garden and #gardenchat, says “A stylish piece of art by God from the garden  that you can keep in your interior landscape. I’m loving how it looks like it would be complicated to keep green and yet it is one of the easiest specimens to keep healthy in your home.  I can’t wait to see these in the independent garden centers in 2012!

Annie Haven with Authentic Haven Brand, Moo Poo Tea, says,  “I can’t wait to get my Moss Rocks here at the ranch I want one of each so I can have my own little Moss family <|;-)”

Pam Penick, author of Digging, says “How pretty and fun! After all the moss in Seattle, you’ll be able to sell oodles to the Flingers, I bet. ;-)

Chris Sabbarese with Corona Tools says, “If the Pet Rock met a Chia Pet, this would be their love child…Moss Rocks!”

Janit C, author of Two Green Thumbs, says “LOVE the new Moss Rocks!  Mini gardens unt themselves & cute as a button.  Wonderful colors fit into anywhere – inside or out!

Christopher Tidrick, From the Soil says, “Moss Rocks are one of the coolest new garden products I’ve seen in a long time. In a market where gift plants tend to be short-lived, these new moss mini-gardens promise to be chic, long-lasting and easy to grow. They’re the perfect living gift, even for non-gardeners.”

Bruce Bailey, Where Plants Rock says, “A hip and refreshing take on bringing the cool outdoors inside.  Table arrangements, hip bathroom, even putting place cards on the dining table. Moss is in and Moss Rocks is the hippest home item on the market.”

Katie Elzer-Peters, of Words says, “Moss Rocks really Rock! and they are Affordable, attractive indoor/outdoor decor.”

Seed Keeper says, “You gents are fun!  Love your new idea!”

Barbara Pintozzi, author of McGregor’s Daughter says, “Moss Rocks not only look great, they feel great.”

Mary Ann Newcomer, author of Gardens of the Wild, Wild West, says ” Cute little buggers and everybody ought to have a handful. AND, they make great gifts!”

Erin, The Impatient Gardener says , “Can’t wait for them. So cool!”

Kathy Linton says, “Displaying of the green I say! Who wouldn’t like a little moss garden to brighten up their home or office? And, it’s great for folks that are a tad busy.”

Jenny Koester says,  I LOVE these! I can think of a few prime spots to add a little green to my home and office 🙂

Wendy Rebman Bredensteiner, says  “Saw these in Chicago at the IGC. As cool as they appear! Imagine them on a teacher’s desk, in a college students dorm, an office cubicle. Want a little green that is easy to keep and hard to kill (and NOT artifical)? Will be ordering some of these for our store!”

Babs Hall, says “Totally agree. Our daughters both have their first apartments — they saw these on the website and said Oh we WANT…. :O)”

Laura King Smith says, “Just simplcistic beauty!!! Love it!”

Beyond My Garden says, “How wonderfully cute!”

Growing Herbs For Beginners says, “LOVE”

Angie Walls says, “These are completely awesome and you should do very well.”

Dirt & Martinis says, “Aren’t they adorable?”

Petie Reed says, “Beautiful!”

Anne of Green Gardens says, “Dang! I don’t think I can wait. I want to order some ASAP!!”

Jennifer Hammer says, “Those are so cute! Want!”

Sonya Reasor says, “Really like those.”

Carrie Zamorano says, “LOVE these!”

Moss and Stone Gardens – Where Moss Rocks Testimonials

The moss garden David created in Raleigh is simply one of the most amazing and beautiful places I’ve been. SB

~ Steve Bender, Senior Writer, Southern Living magazine.

I so enjoyed your presentation at the [JC Raulston] arboretum on Thursday.  Thank you for all of that great information.  I was shocked to pull up and see so many cars already lining the street.  What a wonderful thing to have your passion draw such a record crowd!  As a first time home owner, things like the large swath of bare mud in a shady corner of my lawn can be a bit daunting when combined with the many, many other challenges of an old house and city gardening.  So, it is always such a gift when one of those “issues” becomes catalyst for a foray into new territory.  From messy mud to marvelous moss is my new motto!  Now I am really jazzed about that shady corner.

BTW-  After spending 12 years in a well funded corporate marketing world where the standards for PowerPoint decks were seriously high, I am rarely impressed by slide decks.  Your slides were excellent!  Kudos on the whole things.

-Kara Curtis

In the media
News and Observer, July 23, 2011 – In this garden, moss rocks

Christian Science Monitor – April 3, 2011 –  Moss in a Hypertufa Dish Garden

Ancient, primal, desirable: Moss evokes many emotions. When finding a moss garden, the desire to touch the moss is uncontrollable — wanting to walk on it, feel it, stroke it.

This is how I felt the first time I saw a really well done moss garden. It was the home and garden of the late Richard and Barbara Urquhart, in Raleigh, N.C.

Carolina Gardener – April 2011 – The World of Moss

…the most popular moss in gardens he designs is the fast-growing fern moss (Thuidium delicatulum), which can grow a half-inch a month.  At the other end of the growth-rate spectrum, broom moss (Dicranum scoparium) takes two to three years to double in size.

Chicago Tribune – March 13, 2011 – Center of Attraction


Many gardeners forget that their skills aren’t always at the mercy of the weather. A miniature garden, placed on a table, kitchen counter or windowsill, is a great way to celebrate the coming of spring. A basket filled with a few pots of primroses, a little Zen garden (a ceramic bowl filled with moss) or a shallow container planted with herbs are just a few good choices……


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Unless otherwise noted, all photo are credited to Ken Gergle.

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