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By: Helen Yoest

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13 thoughts on “Landscape Designs

  1. Derrell Coleman

    Love your site! I have been growing moss now for about 5 years. This year it seems to really taking off. It is beautiful after the rain. It is a lot of work. I have one weed that seems to want to take over. It will grow right through a clump of moss without soil. I am not giving up.

  2. Dalton Quigley Nashville Stone

    I love the richness of the images, the use of Mexican Beach Pebbles in the garden, iron gate, and gentle curves of the garden bed. I do alot of xeriscapes so stone is a big part of every project. I at the very least suggest boulders in my landscapes so when I see images like these where stone was incorporated I get excited. I am going to share this on my fan page and facebook timeline. Helen you always have something neat. This design is crazy with moss so I am also wondering if the Arborvitae near the porch will get enough light. Love the little boulders and design with pebbles. I know my friends will love this.

    1. David Spain

      Thanks Dalton, the arborvitae is doing fine, it is a yellow ribbon arborvitae and the only type that will do well in part sun. Thanks for the comments, David Spain, aka Moss Rock

  3. Deziree

    Alright, I love the look of the moss and I imagine that you never have to cut a lawn again when using it as yard groundcover, but do you have to stay off the lawn if you want to keep it healthy?

    Would I feel guilty every time I step on it?

    1. David Spain

      Deziree, Mosses do tolerate normal foot traffic and even wheel barrows and such. What they do not handle very well is rigorous activity such as soccer or playing fetch with a dog. Pleurocarps are the most walkable and durable for foot traffic. If there is to be a very well traveled path such as from an entry to a gate that will be used several times a day, you might consider stepping stones to prevent wear. Downward directed pressure from traffic is not a problem for most mosses, it is the lateral pressure which tears the moss such as dragging an object or pivoting. ~David

  4. Heather

    Thanks a lot for posting “Landscape Designs | Moss and Stone Gardens”.
    I reallymay definitely be coming back for much more browsing and commenting
    soon enough. Thanks, Lizette

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