Long, cool Moss Rocks!

Sitting alone along the windowsill, Moss Rocks!™ watches beauty all around her from the security of the indoors.  No squirrel is likely to scratch her sporophytes today.

The Toadstool color of this Cobble-sized Moss Rocks!, complements the honey color of the natural wood grain wonderfully.  A perfect resting spot for Moss Rocks!

It took David Spain co-owner of Moss and Stone Gardens — Where Moss Rocks! 2 years to bring Moss Rocks! to market.  During this time, he addressed issues of shipping, color, shape and style; but more importantly, David researched the best moss for use indoors.

Never before has a living moss product, with a suitable container, designed solely for sustaining and displaying such a beautiful species of moss, been developed and available for easy care and transport. ~David Spain

It all came together at the first of this year and will be offered to you in October.  Every home, whether in the arid Southwest or the frigid Northwest can have their own little moss garden, inside or out; from your desk to your deck.

Come check us out and tell us how you display your Moss Rocks!


AVAILABLE  October, 2011

MOSS ROCKS! Ordering Info



Words: Helen  Yoest

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Unless otherwise noted, all photo are credited to Ken Gergle.

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