Merry Mossy Christmoss – Moss Rocks! give-away

From our first post to our latest, with magazine coverage to newspaper blogs featuring Moss Rocks!, we have confirmed what we already knew, moss matters.  From Martha to Grumpy and P. Allen Smith too, moss moves people.

The trend towards moss brought many peeps curious about moss to our site.  Millions of peeps.  Our readers are learning about moss through our educational pieces, you know, making sure our readers know their acrocarp from their pleurocarp and the basics of Mossology.    Finally, moss is trending after all these years.   You see, mosses are primitive plants, evolving 450 million years ago — 70 million years before ferns and tens of millions more years before the first dinosaur; mosses are finally getting their due.  Moss is nature’s first trend!

We have also shared with you our moss dish gardens, moss terrariums, and, of course, Moss Rocks!  Now we want to share with you a chance to win your very own Moss Rocks!

If you are feeling lucky, here’s how:

To enter a chance to win,  tell us, in 50 words or less, how you will include Moss Rocks! in your holiday activities.  For example, will you bring Moss Rocks! home to meet the parents? Will you invite Moss Rocks! to a New Year’s Even party?  Will you, ahem, sleep with your Moss Rocks! (please keep in mind, this is a family blog, most of the time) at the foot of your bed?  Or maybe you see Moss Rocks! riding cargo on your train set or sitting on your mantle.  Share with us your creativity; we’re excited to see what you suggest.

There are three easy steps to enter.

1)  Leave your comment here — 50 words or less as to how you will include Moss Rocks! in your holiday festivities.

2)  Like us on Facebook.


3)  Cut and past your blog post comment onto our Facebook page, so we can share your adventures with our Facebook friends.

The winner will receive a set of three Moss Rocks!, a pebble, a cobble, a boulder; oh my.  We are delighted to choose colors for you.

Give-away ends Sunday, December 18, 2011 at 11:59 PM.  The winning name will be pulled at random.  The more times you enter, the greater your chances, but each entry must be a unique use of Moss Rocks!.  One more thing — we will need to have a shipping address by Monday, December 19, 2011.

Shipment anywhere in the contiguous US only.

The winning entry will be posted on our Facebook page by Monday, December 20, 2011 at 11:00 AM EST.  The winner will be notified via the email address associated with their blog comment.

If you are not feeling so lucky, buy now:


Order your Moss Rocks!  online today.  Moss is grand.  Moss is green.  Moss is good. Make the most of it; order Moss Rocks! today.

By: Helen Yoest

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40 thoughts on “Merry Mossy Christmoss – Moss Rocks! give-away

  1. Michelle Peters

    Usually I shoot wedding photojournalism, however, to keep my creative juices flowing, I find other things to ‘shoot’ with my camera too. Not only am I just aching to have some Moss Rocks grace their presence in my home, but I’m aching to get them on the front side of my lens! So, I would want MY Moss Rocks to rock it out and MODEL for me!

  2. Marcia

    Beautiful Moss Rocks should be shared & not hoarded, especially at the holidays….but they are to be mine, all mine! My new Moss Rocks will enjoy the company of other mosses in terrariums until their summer vacation in the shade outdoors.

  3. Kristine Najdowski

    Ahem…..sing with me… know the tune

    Five Golden Rings….
    Four Calling Birds
    Three Moss Rocks
    Two Turtle doves
    And yes we will sing to our rocks….
    (end of song)
    and yes, singing does help plants grow you know 🙂

  4. Lorraine DiLoreto

    Well let’s see, I would definitely put my rocks under the tree at first so they will feel special knowing that they will be going to someone who would love them. Also it would make them feel at home under the tree.

  5. Renata Jelito

    I would love to tie a pretty ribbon and let them adorn my tree, they would look just lovely with my naturalistic theme of birds, animals, butterflies ,acorns, leaves and cones.
    Just the right touch to make it all come together. I hope they join my celebration of nature.
    Merry Christmas to you, and the moss filled rocks.

  6. Susan Hemann

    For Christmas, if I won, my moss rock would be displayed with my other living decorations. The bulbs and Rosemary tree. I would take a photo and post to my blog and facebook. After the holidays the Moss Rock would join my urban forest (indoor garden). I’m sure it would enjoy being part of the group. Of course I would rub it’s head daily to be sure it felt welcome. It would also look wonderful on the table at Christmas. I love using things from nature in my decorating. It would bring a smile to my face daily. My 3 yr old grandson lives with me. I would teach him the history of moss and let him touch it very gently. Thank you for a chance to enter your contest and a very merry Christmas to you all too.

  7. Susan Stockman

    I have dropped obvious hints that I want a complete set of Moss Rocks for Christmas – if I don’t get um, I intend to use my gift cash…..where there’s a will, there’s a way LOL

    I REALLY need these to brighten up my office….great way to brighten my day!

  8. Susan Stockman

    My moss rocks could become the bases for tiny Christmas Tree topiaries on toothpicks that can be decorated and admired (envied) by all at my office 🙂

  9. Michelle Peters

    So, after mulling it a bit, I decided that if I had Moss Rocks, my lack of the hereditary ‘green thumb’ trait everyone else in my family has, will NOT effect my Moss Rocks even one little iota! And EVERYONE will be impressed when they see the awesome greenness they exude!

  10. Tom Mann

    I would create a Winterscape village using my Moss Rocks, then convert it to Springscape, and then Summerscape, and even Fallscape! They would get names, but only after I discovered their personalities 🙂 Thanks for the great contest, and Merry Christmas to all!

  11. Jeavonna Chapman

    My Moss Rock would love a friend. I got three already. We are having Moss Rock Christmas together. They don’t live together, so it will be great to get them together again. The wee one isn’t flourishing. I’m building it a place so it can entertain over Christmas and beyond.

  12. Terri Barnes

    I worry about Santa hurting himself as he comes down the chimney. So I would put the moss rocks at the bottom of my fireplace so Santa would have a soft green landing.

  13. Nancy Wheat

    Moss Rocks would be most welcome guests at my house for the holidays! We would start our celebration with Christmas – I’m sure they would feel right at home amongst the other festive decor – and continue right on through New Year’s! They would look so cute in little hats…

  14. Michelle Vanstrom

    Stocking stuffers for sure. Hanging from the mantle, the little rockfaces will peek out the top, and maintained with love until I can place them in a Vacant Lot I just bought, and plan to convert into native plant gardens, in Niagara Falls, NY.

  15. Michelle Peters

    To show my love and appreciation to them, I would write Haikus to my Moss Rocks…… like this:

    Green are the Moss Rocks
    Fuzzy, soft, lovely greenage
    Make my home happy


    Mother Natures trend
    Little Moss Rocks make good friends
    Keep me in the green

  16. Lauren

    I have been enjoying my parents mossy rocks at GrowWild inc. But it’s time to venture out and try to win my own!! So…. My rocks will be rocking around the Xmas tree at my parents house! But before (and this year durring) they will also be joining us for the lighting of the menorah at my house!! While we have a mixed family of Jews and Christians our mossy rocks will be rocking out to two adventurous holiday celebrations!! My little sister will be in town from China to meet the mossy rocks and speak mandran to them as I will be teaching them Hebrew. The kitten will hopefully teach the rocks his version of meow!! These rocks will be seeing all types of culture this year! I also plan to take them to work to visit the hospice patients I care for. I’m sure they would get a kick out of them!! Also they will get to meet my two cactuses that are my plant babies!! My mossy rocks will get to see many cultures and ways of celebration into the year!! I love these babes and I hope we get to adopt them into our home!!!!!!

  17. Mary Ellen

    Being an introvert, holiday parties can make my brain sizzle. It takes a lot of holiday “cheer” to get my small talk working. I can’t help thinking that with Moss Rocks as my companions I’d never have to say a word; just listen to everyone oohing and awing over my cute friends. I’d take them everywhere! 🙂

  18. Stacey Couch

    Our staff would enjoy Moss Rocks in our 33′ Community Growing Dome. The Moss Rocks could join us for lunch, supervise garden activities and enjoy the pleasurable environment of a solar greenhouse. They would become a part of our family and receive plenty of attention all year.

  19. Kristine

    Our new moss family members would divide their time between my 5 kids where they would read Where the Wild Things Are together.

  20. Bill

    I would read poetry…
    Imagine my shock…
    should I win a moss rock.

    Sometimes you cover trees….
    won’t you come live with me?

    A pebble, a cobble, a boulder…
    come quick before it is colder!

    I look forward Moss, to meeting you soon…
    together we can hum a Christmas tune.

  21. Cindy Marlow

    Ah…beautiful moss rocks! to grace the home of a nature lover! If I was blessed and won your contest, I would display them in a prominent place to better gain more moss rocks! customers. More moss rocks! customers means a long business life to a wonderful company. Happy Holidays!

  22. Eva

    In my home, St. Nicholas came on December 6th and now we wait to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. On Christmas Eve, the children must hide for they cannot peek to see mommy and daddy helping the angels prepare the celebratory tree, nativty creche, and gifts for all to share. How sweet it would be to have a bed of warm, cozy moss for the baby Jesus this year! A Moss Rock instead of a manger! …”Away in a moss rock, no crib for a bed, the little Lord Jesus laid down His sweet head. The stars in the sky looked down where He rocks, the little Lord Jesus asleep on the moss……” I wish for moss rocks! 🙂

  23. Eva

    On Christmas Eve angels prepare the tree, nativty creche, and gifts to share. How sweet a bed of warm, cozy moss would be for baby Jesus! …”Away in a moss rock, no crib for a bed,…. the little Lord Jesus asleep on the moss……” I wish for moss rocks!

  24. John

    The blue-tailed skink in my garden would enjoy scampering among the colorful moss rocks and using the boulder as a perch from which he can ambush a small unsuspecting cricket.

  25. Lisa bryant

    Im giving moss rocks to 2 family members, but I don’t have one of my own yet! Sure would be nice to win one…or 3.

  26. Kristine

    As I look out my window here in Chicago and see the cold blanket of white all around me….I would hug my nice green moss rocks close and dream of warmer weather.

  27. Nina Verin

    The moss rocks will be my stand in children as they are beautiful, unique and changing daily. I love to watch them grow. They delight me. The only thing missing is that they don’t eat my cooking and so this year there will be too many leftovers. Each time I look at the rocks I will be inspired to plan our very own moss garden for our new house. We have almost an acre to be creative with and we hope to go crazy with moss. I need moss rocks since I don’t have my kids and my table will feel very empty with out either. Help brighten my new life. xo Nina Verin

  28. Tom Mann

    If the Moss trio got lonely residing in their SeasonalScapes, I would ask them if they’d like to visit the African Violets who live in the North-facing bathroom window shelves. Of course, by this time, they would have personalities and names, so I could interact with them individually.

  29. Teri Wilson

    Well…there are many reasons such as their simple beauty, I could take all kinds of pictures with the moss rocks, my granddaughter would love talking to them (they would talk back to her of course) but the best reason would be a de-stresser for me. I could gaze at their natural smooth beauty, I could lightly rub their little heads and last but not least I could vent to them and they would not care.

  30. Rose Salinas

    I would love to have those awesome moss rocks in my home! I live in North Dakota and I truly enjoy having greens around me to get me through the cold winter months. I believe that it would add to my daydreams of the summer to come, and memories of summers past.

  31. Michelle Peters

    *in my best singing voice, reminiscent of Bing Crosby*

    I’m….dreaming….of a GREEN….Christmas.
    Just like the ones I used to know.
    Where the moss is fluffy,
    the stones are crackly,
    and I’m so happy they are here.

    I’m dreaming of a green Christmas,
    with every entry post I make.
    May your stones be mossy and serene
    and may all your Christmases be green.

  32. Kristine

    I would share whimsical ditties with my moss rocks…and then kiss them good-night.

    Compostaphile and Compostaphobe — To rot or not to rot . . .

    Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit;
    Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad

    New gardeners learn by by trowel and error.

  33. Bill

    I would sit and Facebook with my moss rocks!!!

    …….♥*……………. __/\__
    …….*♥…………… ..*-:¦:-*
    …~`,`~……………… |
    ¸….✫………………. *•*
    ´¸.•✫ ………….. *♥•♫•♫♥*
    ~`,`~…………. ✯♥•♦♫♥•♥*.
    `.✫`………….. *♥☺♥•♥•☺♥*.
    / \………………….. ╬╬╬╬

  34. Tom Mann

    And finally, since no one gave me any really good advice how to decorate my 5 foot tall Elephant Ear for Christmas that I was suggested to bring inside and Winter over, my terrific trio would become ground ornaments along side of the tall stalks and 2′ long leaves. Again, thanks for this great contest!

  35. Debra Boros Erikson

    Hey! Everyone knows there was no snow in Bethlehem, so why do we place our Nativity sets in mounds of fluffy snow! This year it’s moss! Moss under the tree in the nativity set. Moss for the cows and sheep. Moss for the shepherds so they won’t freeze their achin’ dogs and what could be more appropriate for three kings than a moss runner leading to the manger! The little dude Jesus lay down His sweet head in HAY?!? Nah, soft, fluffy, aromatic moss. Silent night!


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