Moss, an Orchid, and Marsha Owen’s pottery


Phalaenopsis blooms rise high above a commissioned pottery piece by Marsha Owen.  A beautiful work of art that can be used inside as a centerpiece on the dining room table or in the foyer as a fresh welcome home. Set this dish garden next to the bed for a soothing sight while waiting for the light to wane from evening to night.  During the warm summer months, this moss and orchid dish garden could be admired outdoors.

David Spain wanted an orchid container that used moss as  a living plant not as a dried up, deceased, dressing.  David explains, “Paired with orchids, moss is treated most often as a mulch not as a living plant.  Wanting to combine moss and an orchid as living species, I was inspired to create a container that allowed the two to be displayed together, but with both kept alive.”

David’s clever design is a ring to combine a living moss dish garden with an orchid (or another plant); one that possess  separate containers, allowing for different watering and soil conditions.

When designing your orchid container, considering adding live mulch to keep the composition fresh and alive.



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By: Helen Yoest

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One thought on “Moss, an Orchid, and Marsha Owen’s pottery

  1. garden

    Dear Helen Yoest,
    Thanks for that, It sure looks the same…..I need to repot a number of orchids and a bag of moss for orchids is 10 bucks, while I can get a bag of this florists moss at the dollar store. What’s the deal? It’s not colored in any way – I couldn’t see any other reason to chemically treat it – could it hurt my orchids to try it?
    I look forward to your next post


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