Moss Rocks! for home decor

Nestled next to a favorite chair, moss rests under the glow of light, diffused by a mica shade.

As artists and decorators know, groups of odd numbers are the most pleasing to the eye. Making a pleasing arrangement next the chair is simplified with a lamp, a plant, and the addition of a boulder sized Moss Rocks!, reflecting light in the lichen color.

With lamps coming in standard-ish sizes and potted plants in predictable forms, the remaining space,  the lower layer, if you will, is often awkward to fill.  The usual cliche is to add a book, a bird, or a bauble of some sort.  Moss Rocks!, a low maintenance moss container garden, with a pleasing style, can fill the void.

Leslie Kuss,  author of Growing a Garden in Davis plans to have Moss Rocks! to, “Keep a bright spot of green close by on foggy Central California winter days.”

By the chair, next to the sink, on your deck, Moss Rocks! will rock your home decor.

Let us know how you plan to use your Moss Rocks!

Words: Helen  Yoest


Order your Moss Rocks!  online today.  Moss is grand.  Moss is green.  Moss is good. Make the most of it; order Moss Rocks! today.


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