Moss Rocks! David Spain on the Martha Stewart show

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There is a lot to be said for being asked to appear on the Martha Stewart television show.

Forever more, Moss and Stone Gardens has pedigree with bragging rights to quip, As seen on Martha Stewart TV.  In today’s vernacular, that means something.

On October 5, 2011, Moss expert David Spain, stood beside Martha chatting about moss.  It’s widely known, Martha is a lover of moss, with the grounds of her Maine home blanketed in various species of moss grown naturally in her locale.

With an invitation to appear just 2 weeks prior to the segment date, there was much to do.


David Spain reading in the Green Room of Martha Stewart's TV studio

Personally David was ready with the phone call.  David eats, sleeps and peeps moss; however, there was still much to be done.  Most of the preparation to appear on Martha’s show centered around what dishes to use to make the moss dish gardens, and more importantly, how to succinctly talk about propagating moss and doing a moss dish gardens in 6 minute segments each.  There is a lot to be said about moss; a lot to learn.

But the crackerjack Martha team found the right person to speak on the subject — David Spain.  David has dedicated his life work to the subject of moss.  And with moss trending, having an articulate spokesperson sharing mossology, will ensure keeping the trend going for some time to come.


We arrived the day before for a 3:30 studio meeting.  This gave us time to go over the
next day’s segments, as well as, time to unpack the boxes and set the tables.  We also got a tour of the studio, peaked into Martha’s office (we had to stand on our tippy-toes), and peered into the Green Room where David would wait before and after his appearance; where I too would hang out before I took my seat in the audience.

Martha and David’s first segment kicked off with a little about David’s creds and some perky play about Mossology and testing the audience about some fun moss facts.

This was followed by learning how to propagate moss by knowing the difference between your Acrocarp and your Pluerocarp. We can say with confidence, Martha knows the difference.

At the end of the segment, Martha’s staff photographer took an image of the two at their work station.

In their second segment, moss dish gardens were the main course, with a final adieu to Moss Rocks!

Martha and David were in their element, both appreciating moss in the natural landscape and creating miniature landscapes in the form of a dish garden.  Both dish gardens proved to be very easy to make and charming in design.

David’s dish gardens have been photographed by Country Gardens magazine for the early spring issue due out in January.  You are sure to be inspired to make your own and David gives a step-by-step approach to teach you how.

For more information on David Spain and Moss and Stone Gardens, visit their website or tour the media kit on this blog.

David Spain says, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience being on Martha Stewart’s TV show and until we meet again, Martha, Moss Rocks!

Words: Helen  Yoest

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  2. Darcy Starr

    I have two moss rocks. THey seem to be getting a little yellow at the outer tips.
    I spritz them and water them and keep them in a window sill area. What am I
    doing wrong??


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