Moss Rocks!™

Moss Rocks! are living sculptures and zen moss gardens all rolled into one neat package to accent your home or office, from your deck to your desk. Bring serenity and unexpected beauty to your own surroundings or give a unique gift – even to the brown thumbs on your list. Enjoy the soothing benefits and glowing sheen of Dicranum mosses like never before in a beautiful pre-planted container




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Order your Moss Rocks!  online today.  Moss is grand.  Moss is green.  Moss is good. Make the most of it; order Moss Rocks! today.

By: Helen Yoest

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12 thoughts on “Moss Rocks!™

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  7. Robert V. Barker

    Just learned of you today from the Sunday Chicago Tribune article about MOSS – Yea! I have a small Japanese garden and have had some limited success in allowing

    moss to grow. I will continue to follow your advice onhow to
    proceed. THANKS 5/12/13

  8. Donna Crittendon

    These are absoultely beautiful. My Mother who died in 2011 at age 97 loved moss (as do I) and was always trying to grow a moss garden right up to the spring she died but couldn’t keep up with the weeds. I would loved to have found these when she was living. I myself would love to have one of every size and color but it’s just another one of my dreams the cost is just out of my budget. Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful idea and they are beautiful. Donna

  9. Judie Spicker

    I got a set of moss rocks a year or so ago from you via “The Grommet.” When I first got them, they were green and lush. After a few months, they stopped being green and I’m afraid I’ve managed to kill them. I am a notorious “brown thumb” but you said these are good for us “brown thumbs.” How can I tell if I’ve managed to ruin these lovely plants?


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