Photographer Ken Gergle

Award winning photographer, Ken Gergle, is the man behind the lens at The Moss Farm at Moss and Stone Gardens and Blog .

Ken has had a lifelong passion for the interpreting the visual world around him. To this end, he studied graphic design, art, and of course, photography.

For over 30 years, Ken has photographed both in the studio and on location for a wide variety of ad agencies, corporations, and businesses of all types. He has created imagery that sold, inspired, and motivated.

Today, Ken works primarily as a nature photographer and continues the exploration of all around him that visually stimulates and inspires.

Click here to enjoy more of Ken’s work.


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By: Helen Yoest

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Unless otherwise noted, all photo are credited to Ken Gergle.

4 thoughts on “Photographer Ken Gergle

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  3. Jen

    Great shots! I’m just starting to realize/appreciate what a wonderful tiny world there is around me. It’s been here all along but I’m seeing it through different eyes thanks to your site. Looking forward to some great shots of my own in the future using inspiration from Moss & Stone. Check out my site sometime for shots of nature in Costa Rica. All kinds of nature. I’m open to any and all photography advice.

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