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If moss companion plants could talk…Spring

Springtime arrives to The Moss Farm in Raleigh, NC. With spring comes the delicate wildflowers along with ferns, Mayapples, and other perennials. It’s been about a year since many have seen each other. Let’s listen to hear what they have to say….

Houstonia caerulea, Bluets.
Moss – Thuidium delecatulum

Down here, HERE, see me? Yoohoo Japanese Painted Fern.  Can you find us?  Over here…we’re baaaaccccckkkkk.  Had a good rest, you?  We are ready to bloom and blow our fool blue heads off.  Who all’s here?


Athyrium niponicum ‘Pictum’, Japanese Painted Fern.
Moss – Thuidium delecatulum

Under the spores, the Japanese Painted Fern mumbles,”ラット, they’re back.  They are so annoying.  Always too happy especially for being blue….be nice…be nice…be nice…Of course I see you, Bluet; welcome back”


 Epimedium, barrenwort
Moss – Thuidium delecatulum and Hypnum cupressiforme

Ah man, I need to stretch…


Epimedium, barrenwort
Moss – Thuidium delecatulum and Hypnum cupressiforme

…That’s better…


Athyrium ‘Ghost’, Ghost Fern
Moss – Thuidium delecatulum and Plagiomnium cuspidatum

Dad  (Japanese painted fern) is here.  I wonder where mom (Lady Fern, A. filix-femina) is too?  I wonder if they’re still talking…


 Asarum canadense, Wild Ginger
Moss – Thuidium delecatulum

Feed me, feed me, feed me….


Hosta ‘Blue Mouse Ears’
Moss Thuidium delecatulum and Bryoandersonia illecebra

This is the year I’ll prove size really does matter…as in the smaller, the better…


Mertensia virginica, Virginia Bluebells
Moss – Thuidium delecatulum and  Hypnum cupressiforme

I’m not English.  I’m not Spanish.  I’m American.  I’m not English-American.  I’m not Spanish-American.  I’m American-American.  OK, give me your best shot…


Hepatica, liverwort, kidneywort, pennywort
Moss – Thuidium delecatulum

Hepatica – Hi, I’m Hepatica.

Virginia Bluebells – May I call you Liverwort?

Hepatica – No, you may not.  Please, call me Hepatica.

Virginia Bluebells – How about Kidneywort?

Hepatica – No please, call me Hepatica.

Virginia Bluebells – How about Pennywort?

Hepatica – No please. I insist. Call me Hepatica!


Pulmonaria officinalis, Lungwort
Moss – Thuidium delecatulum

Please don’t judge all worts by their spots…


Heuchera ‘Tapestry’, Coral Bells
Moss – Thuidium delecatulum and  Hypnum cupressiforme

Does this pink make my hips look big?


 Stylophorum diphyllum , Woodland Poppy
Moss – Thuidium delecatulum

Don’t I look dashing in dew? Seriously, don’t I look good in everything?  You don’t think this moss is stealing the beauty from my showing, do you?  DO YOU?


Podophyllum peltatum, May apple
Moss – Thuidium delecatulum

Push, push, a little more, push….


Podophyllum peltatum, May apple
Moss – Thuidium delecatulum and Bryoandersonia illecebra

There, there, that’s better…


Saxifraga stolonifera, Strawberry geranium
Moss –  Bryoandersonia illecebra
(also a little, tiny, Galium odoratum, sweet woodruff)

I hope stripes are in this year…



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By: Helen Yoest

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