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  1. Veena


    What type of moss is best to plant under 18 year old oak trees in Dallas Texas?

    We have areas that get some foot traffic but nothing grows under the trees…any recommendations?

    1. David Spain Post author

      Hello Veena, you could utilize any number of species for this purpose, if you look for a pleurocarp that is growing in your area that would be a good match. I can also highly recommend Thuidium delecatulum (fern moss) as a fast growing species that adapts well to many different locations. We do offer this species for sale on our website if interested.
      David Spain

  2. Alfredo

    I live in Chino Hills, California. our weather in the Summer’s hot 90’s, Fall mid 70’s – 80’s, Winter mid 50’s – 60’s and Spring mid 60’s – 80’s. Would you recommend I get rid of my grass and plant moss based on my weather?
    We do get some rain by mid October through May on and off. Based on what I read, moss seems to be low maintenance compared to grass; specially now when we’re required to save water and our water bill is going up.


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