For more than ten years, co-owners David Spain and Ken Gergle of Moss and Stone Gardens and The Moss Farm have been designing shade, water, and moss gardens.

As passionate moss experts, they have established themselves as a pioneers in moss cultivation, working to educate gardeners of the perils of wild harvesting of mosses and to, instead, help them develop sustainable propagation techniques.

Although each has experience prior to joining their efforts, their focus as a team has been on hardscaping, shade gardening, water features and, of course, moss. Their inspired landscapes have filled a niche in shade gardens.

The secret to their success has been careful study of a property’s potential and limitations, working with the existing landscape and developing it’s potential.

Working with native, shade tolerant plants, drought resistant species, and moss, all go hand in hand as they paint landscapes with vibrant colors and textures.

Stone pathways, retaining walls and accent rocks come together to define or highlight the gardens vistas and resources. Water brings movement, sound, and moisture to areas enhanced by those attributes.

One of the key elements Ken and David bring to their projects, is an artistic background in photography and painting. With their understanding of the principles in design and nature, their creations seem to be born in the places they develop. With attention to the smallest details, each garden is woven together to create a chorus of relaxing tones.

One of the few companies in the south using mosses as a medium, Moss and Stone Gardens brings the understanding needed to promote and nurture the bryophytes into evergreen mosaics that offer what no other plant can.

Moss and Gardens landscape designs have been photographed by Southern Living andCountry Gardens magazines.

Moss and Stone Gardens also produces and sells unique creations combining natural and man-made elements into living sculptures. Their one of a kind works of art explore the limits of bryophyte ecosystems and their sustainability.

Moss Rocks! are the first moss "product" that Moss and Stone Gardens has made available, nationwide, to a market eager to experience the inherent serenity and beauty of moss in an easy to care for, attractive, high design ceramic container that can be displayed indoors or out, from desk to deck!

To all of you, from all of us at Moss & Stone Gardens where Moss Rocks!

Happy Mossin!

David Spain 

Ken Gergle