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The Pebble is approximately 2.5” long. It comes pre-installed with the beautiful dicranum moss. Pebbles come in four gorgeous colors to fit in with any color scheme. It is the perfect size for children, gift giving, or to use in a grouping with our other sizes. Moss Rocks! are easy care, unique, and elegant.

Important Note: Moss Rocks! are hand-crafted and feature a "distressed" appearance to simulate the look of a worn and aged natural object. Each Moss Rock! has one-of-a-kind markings that include crackling, crazing, pock marks, small cracks, and variations in texture and finish.These unique character variations are intentional and are to be expected in this type of distressed finish. See our return policy for further information.

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  • Your Moss Rocks! come pre planted with lush Dicranum moss
  • Moss Rocks! ceramic containers are hand made, high-fired and solid. As with any handmade glazed pottery, variations in color and crackling are normal and each displays individual character.
  • Moss Rocks! can be displayed indoors or out. The ceramic container is frost resistant. (click use & care for more information)
  • Water requirements
  • Water deeply no more than once a week
  • Mist lightly in between waterings to retain lush appearance
  • Light requirements
  • Bright, indirect light
  • Avoid direct sunlight between noon and 4 pm

Water requirements
Light requirements
About Moss Rocks!
Ordering issues
Gifting Moss Rocks!
Miscellaneous questions
Learning about moss


Moss is one of the simplest plants on earth to care for, however it is still a living plant and has certain requirements to ensure its longevity. The simple care instructions for your moss are: 

  • Water weekly
  • Bright, indirect light (avoid strong, direct sunlight between noon and 4 pm)

Want more detailed information? Read on!

Water requirements

What are the watering requirements for Moss Rocks!?

Although moss is very drought tolerant and can go for up to a month without water, we recommend the following:

  • -Water thoroughly once a week by slowly pouring water through the moss to fill the reservoir (we recommend doing this in the sink or outdoors to prevent overflow on furniture).
  • Note: Very dry moss will tend to shed water initially, so you may need to lightly pre-wet or mist the moss and allow 30-60 seconds for hydration to take place, before fully filling the reservoir.
  • -Misting lightly between weekly waterings helps to retain the mosses "lush and vibrant" look, but is not a requirement for moss health.

What is the best type of water to use?

Water is water, right? Yes, but we have found the following to be true when it comes to moss (and most plants, for that matter):

Moss prefers rainwater to "city water" as it contains trace nutrients and lacks the chemicals found in "city water". At our nursery, we use collected rainwater for our mosses.

You may use the following types of water, listed in order of desirability:

  • -Collected rainwater (Let your Moss Rocks! go outside and enjoy a rain shower when possible)
  • -Reverse osmosis
  • -Charcoal filtered
  • -Distilled
  • -Aged tap water

CAUTION: Not all water is safe for moss. Well water may contain sulfur or concentrations of other chemicals that will damage moss.
Water that has been in prolonged contact with zinc (galvanized) metals or copper may also damage your moss.

If your water softening system utilizes salt, it may damage the moss.

Do Moss Rocks! have a hole in the bottom through which water can leak out?

Moss Rocks! have a patent pending eco-reservoir that holds all of the water required for the moss between weekly waterings: There is no "drain hole" in the bottom of the ceramic container. 

We recommend that watering be done over a sink or outdoors to prevent overflow. Once the reservoir is filled and the ceramic container has been wiped off or air-dried, you won't need a saucer. There will not be leakage. 

Light requirements

What are the light requirements for Moss Rocks?

  • -Moss likes bright, indirect light
  • -Avoid full sun (particularly between noon and 4pm).

Should I keep my Moss Rocks! indoors or out?

Moss Rocks! are designed to be used either indoors or out. (see indoor and outdoor requirements below)

Indoor requirements

Humidity levels in most of our homes are fairly low, therefore we recommend periodic outdoor visits, (particularly during rain showers), to provide the moss the bonus of added humidity.

Outdoor requirements

  • -Keep your Moss Rocks! out of full sun, particularly between noon and 4pm. The moss used in Moss Rocks! (Dicranum), can get a "sunburn" if left in the full sun.
  • -Moss Rocks! ceramic containers are frost resistant. To promote longevity of your Moss Rocks! ceramic container, we recommend taking normal precautions, as you would with any fine pottery, to minimize severe freeze/thaw cycles during the winter.

Salt spray from the ocean is damaging to moss; therefore Moss Rocks! are not recommended for outdoor display if you live near the coast: where salt water is present.

About Moss Rocks!

What is the container made of?

Moss Rocks! are a high fired ceramic container. Moss Rocks! are hand-crafted and come in a variety of glazes that have a distressed look, giving them an aged, worn, organic appearance. Each Moss Rock! features a patent pending eco-reservoir, designed to display the moss and to provide the moss with sufficient water to last approximately one week.

Do Moss Rocks! come with the moss?

Yes, Moss Rocks! are pre-planted and are shipped to you ready to go! When you receive your Moss Rocks!, carefully unpack and hydrate the moss by watering thoroughly. Display your Moss Rocks! in an area of bright, indirect light. (See water and light sections for detailed information.)

Is the moss that comes in Moss Rocks! a live plant?

Yes the moss is alive and comes pre-planted in Moss Rocks!

Can I "pet" the moss?

It doesn't hurt to touch the moss occasionally, but our hands contain oils, that can leave a residue on the moss leaves. Eventually those oils may block the ability of moss to hydrate and absorb nutrients, and therefore may cause its decline. Rough handling of the moss may break growing tips, causing the moss to lose attractiveness. 

What can I expect when I receive my order?

Moss and Stone Gardens ceramics are hand crafted. The unique character of the glazes, crackling, and distressing of these pieces are intentional and display an individual character-- no two are alike.

We inspect each of our Moss Rocks! before shipping them to you. We determine that they are free of product defects (outside of the intentional distressing that is part of the design). We then house each Moss Rock! in specially designed packaging to protect them while in transit. If one of our ceramic containers arrives broken, we will replace it, at no cost to you or will issue you a refund, at our discretion. Please let us know of any problem with your Moss Rocks! within 48 hours of receipt of your order. See our return policy for further information.

Moss Rocks! are glazed by hand and are not meant to look new or perfect. The crackle, pock marks, and imperfections in the finish are meant to simulate age and wear. Small chips, holes and cracks are to be expected with this type of distressed product. Variations in color and gloss are also to be expected.


-Moss is turning lighter and/or has a "bleached out" appearance: 

The moss is probably getting too much light exposure. It should be relocated to an area that receives bright but indirect light. This appearance may also indicate a reaction to an inappropriate water source. (see water section for further information)

-Moss looks darker in appearance:

The moss is probably getting too little light and should be moved to an area that receives more light. (indirect only)

  • -Corrective action for any difference in appearance (color) is best implemented outdoors, where conditions are appropriate.
  • -If you live near the coast: Salt spray from the ocean is damaging to moss; therefore Moss Rocks! are not recommended for outdoor display where airborne salt water is present.

-Insects in the moss

If you suspect there are any insects hiding in your Moss Rocks, the best way to invite your guests to depart is to submerge your Moss Rocks in a bucket of rainwater, deep enough to cover the moss by 1 inch. This will ensure any creatures inside will evacuate. You may leave the Moss Rock submerged for up to 12 hours.

My Moss is shedding, is something wrong?

The Dicranum moss species used in Moss Rocks! produces new growth at the tip of each stem. When these new tips form, they are weakly attached and may be easily separated from the main stem if touched or handled. This is a normal occurrence: It is one way that moss reproduces.

This does not indicate stress or poor health: In fact, it is a sign of good health: The little star-like tips are capable of starting a whole new moss colony if given proper conditions.

Ordering issues

I can't log in and place my order: What am I doing wrong?

There are two methods for placing your order:

1) Register and set up an account (allows faster checkout on subsequent orders and allows you to check order history and status)

2) Place order and then checkout as a guest.

Note: If you are attempting to login without having previously set up an account by registering, you will receive an error message.

I selected a product and color, but my cart says it's empty.

After selecting your product and color, click the "add to cart" button. 

I forgot my password, what do I do?

A password is only necessary if you have previously set up an account and want to login to place an order or check the status of an order.

If you have forgotten your password, click the "I forgot my password" link at the bottom of the checkout window and a new temporary password will be generated for you. This will be sent to the email address you signed up with. (normally within 24 hours)

My credit card is being rejected, what can I do?

Upon placing your order, the information you have entered is verified and a credit card authorization process is initiated. If you find your card has been rejected, it is normally due to one of two situations:

  • -The required numbers from the credit card have been improperly entered. (Try re-entering with necessary corrections to: card type/card number/expiration date/CVV.)
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  • -The credit card you are using does not have sufficient funds to make the purchase. (Please try another card.)

Gifting Moss Rocks!

I want to buy Moss Rocks! as a gift, how do I do this?

If you want to have Moss Rocks! sent directly to someone as a gift, make sure to enter complete shipping address information for the recipient. Place your order approximately one week before you want it delivered. Moss and Stone Gardens cannot guarantee exact delivery dates and processing times may vary during high volume, holiday seasons).

If you would like to have the Moss Rocks! sent directly to you to be given as a gift at a later date, keep in mind that moss is a living plant and requires care if it will be an extended period of time before the gift is given. (If this is the case, you will need to open the box, remove the Moss Rocks! and follow our watering instructions and light requirements during this period.)

Moss Rocks! should be fine left in the original shipping box for up to two weeks.  (see the following note)

Note: We suggest that every order be opened and inspected for damage upon arrival. Moss and Stone Gardens must be notified within 48 hours if there is damage to the ceramic container or to the moss to qualify for our replacement guarantee. See our return policy for further information.

If you have questions regarding giving Moss Rocks! as a gift, you may email us at , or call 919-622-4150.

Miscellaneous Questions

What happens to moss in the winter?

  • -Mosses are evergreen and tolerate all seasons and conditions of temperature and moisture.
  • -Moss will survive outdoors in the winter, even when frozen! (see outdoor requirements section)

Can I leave Moss Rocks! outside all winter?

Although cold weather is not detrimental to moss and the ceramic container is frost resistant, we recommend taking normal precautions, as you would with any fine pottery, to minimize severe freeze/thaw cycles during the winter.

Do pets and other animals eat moss?

No animals eat moss. A pet could possibly disturb the moss out of curiosity, but we have not heard of this happening.

I have allergies: Is moss okay to have in my home?

Moss is actually hypo-allergenic and was once used as "stuffing" for pillows. Moss is not in the list of known allergens. (It should be noted that people can develop an allergy to almost anything.)

Is moss safe around children?

Not only is moss safe, but we've found that children are fascinated by moss. It is a great teaching tool for introducing plants to children. Moss Rocks! are so simple to care for, you may actually want to put your child in charge of caring for them. 

Does my moss need to be fertilized?

Moss does not need fertilizers. 

Does Moss have a smell?

Moss does not really have an odor. If you hold it close to your nose, you may detect an earthy scent. 

What are those stems sticking up out of my moss?

Moss can reproduce using sporophytes. These are fine stalks that emerge once a year and rise above the colony. At the tip of the stalk, there will be a small head that contains the spores.

The sporophytes may be trimmed with scissors if they are undesirable. They will fall off naturally after a month or so. Do not attempt to pull the sporophytes out. They are very strong and may damage or dislodge the moss colony.

Will the moss outgrow the container?

Given enough time and perfect conditions, the moss will eventually grow slightly taller and wider. It will take a minimum of two years to see the beginning of this expansion. (Moss grows very slowly, even in ideal conditions.) If your moss does outgrow its container, it can be trimmed.


Learning about moss

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